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Important Note:  For the correct visual effect, run this in an xterm (Linux) or 'cmd' shell (Windows) at least 120 characters wide, and 48 characters tall.

In Windows, the Win32::Console::ANSI module is required.

Most will recognize that the picture is based on Erudil's amazing Camel Code, to which this is a tribute.

Update:  Fixed a minor warning.  (Also fixed spelling of "spatial")

#!/usr/bin/perl -w sub j(\$){($ P,$V)= @_;while($$P=~s:^ ([()])::x){ $V+=('('eq$1)?-32:31 }$V+=ord( substr( $$P,0,1,""))-74} sub a{ my($I,$K,$ J,$L)=@_ ;$I=int($I*$M/$Z);$K=int( $K*$M/$Z);$J=int($J*$M /$Z);$L=int($L*$M/$Z); $G=$ J-$I;$F=$L-$K;$E=(abs($ G)>=abs($F))?$G:$F;($E<0) and($ I,$K)=($J,$L);$E||=.01 ;for($i=0;$i<=abs$E;$i++ ){ $D->{$K +int($i*$F/$E) }->{$I+int($i*$G/$E)}=1}}sub p{$D={};$ Z=$z||.01;map{ $H=$_;$I=$N=j$H;$K=$O=j$H;while($H){$q=ord substr($H,0,1,"" );if(42==$q){$J=j$H;$L=j$H}else{$q-=43;$L =$q %9;$J=($q-$L)/9;$L=$q-9*$J-4;$J-=4}$J+=$I;$L+=$K;a($I,$K,$J,$ L) +; ($I,$K)=($J,$L)}a($I,$K,$N,$O)}@_;my$T;map{$y=$_;map{ $T.=$D->{$ +y} ->{$_}?$\:' '}(-59..59);$T.="\n"}(-23..23);print"\e[H$T"}$w= eva +l{ require Win32::Console::ANSI};$b=$w?'1;7;':'';($j,$u,$s,$t,$a,$n +,$o ,$h,$c,$k,$p,$e,$r,$l,$C)=split/}/,'Tw*JSK8IAg*PJ[*J@wR}*JR]*QJ[ +*J'. 'BA*JQK8I*JC}KUz]BAIJT]*QJ[R?-R[e]\RI'.'}Tn*JQ]wRAI*JDnR8QAU}wT +8KT'. ']n*JEI*EJR*QJ]*JR*DJ@IQ[}*JSe*JD[n]*JPe*'.'JBI/KI}T8@?PcdnfgVC +BRcP'. '?ABKV]]}*JWe*JD[n]*JPe*JC?8B*JE};Vq*OJQ/IP['.'wQ}*JWeOe{n*EER +k8;'. 'J*JC}/U*OJd[OI@*BJ*JXn*J>w]U}CWq*OJc8KJ?O[e]U/T*QJP?}*JSe*J +CnTe'. 'QIAKJR}*JV]wRAI*J?}T]*RJcJI[\]3;U]Uq*PM[wV]W]WCT*DM*SJ'. +'ZP[Z'. 'PZa[\]UKVgogK9K*QJ[\]n[RI@*EH@IddR[Q[]T]T]T3o[dk*JE'. +'[Z\U'. '{T]*JPKTKK]*OJ[QIO[PIQIO[[gUKU\k*JE+J+J5R5AI*EJ00'. +'BCB*'. 'DMKKJIR[Q+*EJ0*EK';sub h{$\ = qw(% & @ x)[int + rand 4];map{printf "\e[$b;%dm",int(rand 6)+101-60* + ($w ||0);system( "cls")if$w ;($A,$S)= ($_[1], + $ _[0]);($M, @,)= split '}';for( $z=256 ;$z>0; $z -=$S){$S*= $A;p @,} sleep$_ [2];while ($_[3]&&($ z+=$ S) <=256) +{ p@,}}("". "32}7D$j" ."}AG". "$u}OG +" ."$s}WG" ."$t","" ."24}(" ."IJ$ +a" ."}1G$n" ."}CO$o" ."}GG$t" ."}QC +" ."$h}" ."^G$e" ."})IG" ."$r" +, "32}?" ."H$p}FG$e}QG$r". "}ZC" ."$l", "28}(LC" ."" ."". "$h}:" ."J$a}EG". "$c" ."}M" ."C$k}ZG". "$e" ."}" ."dG$r","18" ."}(" ."D;" ."$C" )}{h(16 ,1,1,0 );h(8, .98,0,0 );h(16 ,1,1,1 +) ;h(8.0 ,0.98,0, 1); redo}## +# #written 060204 b +y #liverpole @@@@@@@ #@@@@@@@@@@@

@ARGV=split//,"/:L"; map{print substr crypt($_,ord pop),2,3}qw"PerlyouC READPIPE provides"

In reply to Spatial Japh by liverpole

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