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This response is off-topic as it doesn't address your grievances - but for fun.. have a PostScript version below. I grabbed this one somewhere from the internet, and frobbed, twiddled and twirked it a bit to render a spiraly spiral, not a square one...
%!PS % Time-stamp: <28 Feb 2000 11:13> % Paper size, in dots (letter) /paperx 8.5 72 mul def /papery 11 72 mul def % Resolution in dpi /dpi 24 def % Colors ? /color? true def % Change to true to make the 'spiral' appear. /spiral? true def /offset 0 def % /offset 41 def % /offset 65 def % /offset 49921 def % Change to true to print prime numbers inside the dots /number? true def % ============= CHANGES BELOW AT YOUR OWN RISK ======================= +===== % Define some constants /dot 72 dpi div def /maxpts papery papery mul dot dup mul div def % /maxpts 4000 def % Allocate a string and load a font for printing numbers number? { /buf 10 string def /fontsize 9 def % number here is irrelevant /Courier findfont fontsize scalefont setfont } if % Brute force primality test % (postscript interpreters are faster than they have memory...) /prime? { /n exch def n 0 eq { true } {n 1 eq {true} { % 1 is not prime n 2 mod 0 eq {n 2 eq} { /divide? false def 3 2 n sqrt { n exch div dup ceiling eq {/divide? true def exit} if } for divide? not } ifelse } ifelse } ifelse } bind def color? { /ppi 0 def /chgcolor { pi ppi sub pi ln lt { 0 pi ppi sub 2 sub pi ln 2 sub div dup 1 exch sub setrgbcolor } { pi ppi sub pi ln 2 mul 2 sub lt { pi ppi sub pi ln sub pi ln 2 sub div dup 1 exch sub 0 setrgbco +lor } { 0 setgray } ifelse } ifelse /ppi pi def } bind def } if % Mark a point when a number is prime % We actually draw the PREVIOUS dot, to overwrite the (possible) spira +l /markpoint { currentpoint % save currentpoint that is lost because of stroke or n +ewpath spiral? {0 setgray stroke} if % draw the spiral, if necessary color? {chgcolor} if % change the color, if necessary newpath px py dot 2 div 0 360 arc pri { 0 0 0 setrgbcolor}{ 1 1 1 setrgbcolor} ifelse fill % draw the + (previous) dot, always number? { % write the (previous) number in white over the dot, if ne +cessary gsave % because we use 'scale' pri { 1 setgray } { 0 setgray } ifelse px py moveto pi buf cvs dup stringwidth pop % have the number fit 90% of the dot (50% if it is a single +digit) dup dot pi 10 lt {.5} {.9} ifelse mul exch div dup scale -2 div fontsize -3 div rmoveto show % center in the dot and prin +t grestore } if 2 copy /py exch def /px exch def % update previous dot location /pi i def % update previous number moveto % move back to the point we were %cx cy moveto } bind def % x_c y_c k r_0 theta_1 theta_2 spiral /spiral { 13 dict begin /th2 exch def /th1 exch def /r0 exch def /k exch def /yc exch def /xc exch def /precision exch def % Increase this for better approximation /r1 360 k mul r0 add def /narcs % ceiling((precision * r1) / r0) r1 precision mul r0 div ceiling cvi def /radadjust r1 r0 sub narcs div def % (r1 - r0) / narcs /arcmeasure 360 narcs div def % Measure of each arc /adjust { radadjust add arcmeasure rotate radadjust neg 0 translate /th1 th1 arcmeasure sub def /th2 th2 arcmeasure sub def } def matrix currentmatrix r0 arcmeasure arcmeasure th1 { pop adjust } for /centerandrad { dup 0 0 3 -1 roll } def centerandrad th1 th2 arcmeasure le { th2 } { arcmeasure } ifelse arc adjust { th2 arcmeasure le { exit } if centerandrad 0 arcmeasure arc adjust } loop th2 0 gt { centerandrad 0 th2 arc } if pop setmatrix end } def % newpath /p 1 def /i 1 def newpath /cx paperx 2 div def /cy papery 2 div def cx cy moveto % center the picture spiral? { gsave newpath cx cy translate 1 dpi div 2 mul dup scale % cx cy moveto 1 0 0 0.1 1 0 360 maxpts sqrt mul spiral stroke % draw better spiral + for first 5 revolutions grestore dot 10 div setlinewidth } if % /prime? true def /x cx def /y cy def newpath x y dot 2 div 0 360 arc % draw the first dot cx cy moveto % center the picture currentpoint /count 0 def { /radius i sqrt def /angle radius 360 mul def /px angle cos radius mul dot mul cx add def /py angle sin radius mul dot mul cy add def spiral? { count 99998 gt { count 99999 eq { px py moveto } if /r1 i 0.6 sub sqrt def /a1 r1 360 mul def /r2 i 0.4 sub sqrt def /a2 r2 360 mul def /x1 a1 cos r1 mul dot mul cx add def /y1 a1 sin r1 mul dot mul cy add def /x2 a2 cos r2 mul dot mul cx add def /y2 a2 sin r2 mul dot mul cy add def x1 y1 x2 y2 px py curveto } if } if /count count 1 add def /pi i offset add def /pri pi prime? def % pri { markpoint } if markpoint /i i 1 add def % increment i /x px def /y py def x y moveto i maxpts ge {exit} if } loop % Signature gsave 20 20 translate 1 setlinejoin 1 setlinewidth 1 setgray newpath 20 20 20 0 360 arc fill 0 setgray newpath 10 5 moveto 0 20 rlineto 10 -8 rlineto 10 8 rlineto 0 -20 rlineto 10 25 moveto 4 12 rlineto 14 5 moveto 6 12 rlineto stroke newpath 22 21 1 0 360 arc fill grestore showpage

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_($_=" "x(1<<5)."?\n".q·/)Oo.  G°\        /
                              /\_¯/(q    /
----------------------------  \__(m.====·.(_("always off the crowd"))."·
");sub _{s./.($e="'Itrs `mnsgdq Gdbj O`qkdq")=~y/"-y/#-z/;$e.e && print}

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