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( #3333=superdoc: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??


Hello perl monks, So I noticed I need to study more about data structure, yet I got stuck at complex structure (foreach / nested if)problem.. I've been debugging with senior perl monks' suggestions.. I really appreciate that..

This is what I am trying to do:

1) input#1 (bwa) file gets read and important string data gets stored including Amplicon sequence ID (input#2 ID part) and Input sequence ID (input#3 ID part).

This means that I need to extract these IDs to match them later.

2) using input#1 key, match Input sequence ID (input#3 ID) from input#3 file.

3) again use input#1 hash's 2nd element (stored Reference Amplicon ID) match Reference Amplicon ID (input#2 ID) from input#2 file.

4)so the sequences (2nd element) from input#2 and input#3 can be printed out.

The main problem is that the key for Amp hash is wrong because it does not have the same ID as bwa hash and Input hash. I am not sure how to solve this problem. I cannot match only input#2 and input#3 because their ID are different. bwa (input#1)'s first element and Input(input#3)'s first element have input sequence IDs, but bwa 2nd element 1 and Amp (input#2)'s 1st element have the same IDs.

Basically I am trying to extract the two different IDs from first file, find one ID from 2nd file, find the other ID from 3rd file, then match their corresponding sequences.

So far, I figured out that foreach loop at least works, but not nested if's. because of Amp hash. It's supposed to print out all the 'print' that I added.. but what I get for my output is

'Use of uninitialized value in string eq at line 127' error message (something is wrong with my foreach loop's if ($bwa{$ID}1 eq $Amp{$ID}[0]) line) and

"1233out1233out1233out1233out1233out1233out1233out" which means that it does not go into my 3rd if... Why is this happening?

#!/usr/bin/perl -w use warnings; use strict; # BWA alignment output (.sam) my %bwa = (); my $file1 = shift; open (FILE1, "$file1") || die "Failed to open $file1 for reading : $!" +; # Open second file while (<FILE1>) { # Reading second hash if ($_ =~ /^[^@]/s) { chomp; my @line = split /\s+/, $_; my $ID; if ($line[2] =~ /[^*]/) { $ID = $line[0]; $bwa{$ID}[0] = $line[0]; # seq ID $bwa{$ID}[1] = $line[2]; # Ref ID $bwa{$ID}[2] = $line[5]; # CIGAR ID for insertion #$bwa{$ID}[3] = @line[9]; # Processed seq (already C->T) $bwa{$ID}[3] = $line[12]; # Edit distance (edited area by # of bas +e) : NM $bwa{$ID}[4] = $line[15]; # No. of mismatches in the alignment : X +M $bwa{$ID}[5] = $line[16]; # No. of gap opens for insertion : XO $bwa{$ID}[6] = $line[17]; # No. of gap extensions for deletion :XG $bwa{$ID}[7] = $line[18]; # Mismatching positions / bases : MD } } } close FILE1 || die "Failed to close $file1 : $!"; # ORIGINAL Reference Amplicon File (.fa) my %Amp = (); my $file2 = shift; open (FILE2, "$file2")|| die "Failed to open $file2 for reading : $!"; + # Open first file local $/= ">"; my $first=<FILE2>; while (<FILE2>) { # Reading first hash chomp; my ($ID, $Seq) = split("\n"); $Amp{$ID}[0] = $ID; $Amp{$ID}[1] = $Seq; } close FILE2 || die "Failed to close $file2 : $!"; # ORIGINAL Input FASTQ Sequencing File (.fq) my %Input = (); my $file3 = shift; open (FILE3, "$file3")|| die "Failed to open $file3 for reading : $!"; + # Open first file local $/= "@"; $first=<FILE3>; while (<FILE3>) { # Reading first hash chomp; my ($ID, $Seq,undef,undef) = split("\n"); $Input{$ID}[0] = $ID; $Input{$ID}[1] = $Seq; } close FILE3 || die "Failed to close $file3 : $!"; foreach my $ID (keys %bwa) { print "1"; if (exists $Input{$ID}[0] ){ print "2"; if ($bwa{$ID}[0] eq $Input{$ID}[0]){ print "3"; if ($bwa{$ID}[1] eq $Amp{$ID}[0]){ print "4"; if ($bwa{$ID}[3] eq "NM:i:0" && $bwa{$ID}[4] eq "XM:i:0" && $b +wa{$ID}[5] eq "XO:i:0" && $bwa{$ID}[6] eq "XG:1:0") { print "$Amp{$ID}[1]\n$Input{$ID}[1]"; } else {print "4out";} } else {print "3out";} } else {print "2out";} } else {print "1out";} } exit;

Also here are three input files: input#1:

@SQ SN:TMEM200B LN:293 @SQ SN:B3GAT2-2_P001 LN:204 Seq1Perfect 0 B3GAT2-2_P001 1 37 204M * 0 0 + GGTTGGTTTTTATTTTTTGGAAGAGTTTTAGATTATAGGTGTTGTCGTCGTTAGCGAAGAAGAGTACG +TCGGGTTGCGCGCGTTGGTGTTGGTGTTTTTGGCGTAGTTAGGCGAGGTTCGCGTTGCGTTGTTTAGTG +GCGCGCGGTAGTTCGGGTCGTTTGTAGCGTCGCGGCGTGGGTACGTGTAGGTGAGTGTTGGGTAGTT + &a==aa=====a======aaaaaaa====aaa==a=aaa=a==a=$a=$a==aa$aaaaaaaaa=a$ +a=$aaa==a$a$a$a==aa=a==aa=a=====aa$a=aa==aaa$aaaa==$a$a==a$a==a===aa= +aa$a$a$aa=aa==$aaa=$a===a=aa$a=$a$aa$a=aaa=a$a=a=aaa=aaa=a==aaa=aa== + XT:A:U NM:i:0 X0:i:1 X1:i:0 XM:i:0 XO:i:0 XG:i:0 + MD:Z:204 Seq2MM 0 B3GAT2-2_P001 1 37 204M * 0 0 GGTT +AATTTTTATTTTTTGGAAGAGTTTTAGATTATAGGTGTTGTCGTCGTTAGCGAAGAAGAGTACGTCGGG +TTGCGCGCGTTGGTGTTGGTGTTTTTGGCGTAGTTAGGCGAGGTTCGCGTTGCGTTGTTTAGTGGCGCG +CGGTAGTTCGGGTCGTTTGTAGCGTCGCGGCGTGGGTACGTGTAGGTGAGTGTTGGGTAGTT &a= +=aa=====a======aaaaaaa====aaa==a=aaa=a==a=$a=$a==aa$aaaaaaaaa=a$a=$aa +a==a$a$a$a==aa=a==aa=a=====aa$a=aa==aaa$aaaa==$a$a==a$a==a===aa=aa$a$ +a$aa=aa==$aaa=$a===a=aa$a=$a$aa$a=aaa=a$a=a=aaa=aaa=a==aaa=aa== XT +:A:U NM:i:2 X0:i:1 X1:i:0 XM:i:2 XO:i:0 XG:i:0 M +D:Z:4G0G198 Seq3In 0 B3GAT2-2_P001 1 37 12M1I192M * 0 0 + GGTTGGTTTTTAGTTTTTTGGAAGAGTTTTAGATTATAGGTGTTGTCGTCGTTAGCGAAGAAGAGTAC +GTCGGGTTGCGCGCGTTGGTGTTGGTGTTTTTGGCGTAGTTAGGCGAGGTTCGCGTTGCGTTGTTTAGT +GGCGCGCGGTAGTTCGGGTCGTTTGTAGCGTCGCGGCGTGGGTACGTGTAGGTGAGTGTTGGGTAGTT + &a==aa===a==a======aaaaaaa====aaa==a=aaa=a==a=$a=$a==aa$aaaaaaaaa= +a$a=$aaa==a$a$a$a==aa=a==aa=a=====aa$a=aa==aaa$aaaa==$a$a==a$a==a===a +a=aa$a$a$aa=aa==$aaa=$a===a=aa$a=$a$aa$a=aaa=a$a=a=aaa=aaa=a==aaa=aa= += XT:A:U NM:i:1 X0:i:1 X1:i:0 XM:i:0 XO:i:1 XG:i +:1 MD:Z:204 Seq4Del 0 B3GAT2-2_P001 1 37 55M6D143M * 0 0 + GGTTGGTTTTTATTTTTTGGAAGAGTTTTAGATTATAGGTGTTGTCGTCGTTAGCGAGTACGTCGGG +TTGCGCGCGTTGGTGTTGGTGTTTTTGGCGTAGTTAGGCGAGGTTCGCGTTGCGTTGTTTAGTGGCGCG +CGGTAGTTCGGGTCGTTTGTAGCGTCGCGGCGTGGGTACGTGTAGGTGAGTGTTGGGTAGTT &a= +=aa=====a======aaaaaaa====aaa==a=aaa=a==a=$a=$a==aa$aaaaaaaaa=a$a=$aa +a==a$a$a$a==aa=a==aa=a=====aa$a=aa==aaa$aaaa==$a$a==a$a==a===aa=aa$a$ +a$aa=aa==$aaa=$a===a=aa$a=$a$aa$a=aaa=a$a=a=aaa=aaa=a==aa XT:A:U + NM:i:6 X0:i:1 X1:i:0 XM:i:0 XO:i:1 XG:i:6 MD:Z:55 +^GAAGAA143 Seq5Partial 0 B3GAT2-2_P001 1 37 204M * 0 0 + GGTTGGTTTTTATTTTTTGGAAGAGTTTTAGATTATAGGTGTTGTTGTTGTTAGCGAAGAAGAGTACG +TCGGGTTGCGCGCGTTGGTGTTGGTGTTTTTGGCGTAGTTAGGCGAGGTTCGCGTTGCGTTGTTTAGTG +GCGCGCGGTAGTTCGGGTCGTTTGTAGCGTCGCGGCGTGGGTACGTGTAGGTGAGTGTTGGGTAGTT + &a==aa=====a======aaaaaaa====aaa==a=aaa=a==a=$a=$a==aa$aaaaaaaaa=a$ +a=$aaa==a$a$a$a==aa=a==aa=a=====aa$a=aa==aaa$aaaa==$a$a==a$a==a===aa= +aa$a$a$aa=aa==$aaa=$a===a=aa$a=$a$aa$a=aaa=a$a=a=aaa=aaa=a==aaa=aa== + XT:A:U NM:i:2 X0:i:1 X1:i:0 XM:i:2 XO:i:0 XG:i:0 + MD:Z:45C2C155 Seq6TruncB 0 B3GAT2-2_P001 1 37 189M * 0 0 +GGTTGGTTTTTATTTTTTGGAAGAGTTTTAGATTATAGGTGTTGTCGTCGTTAGCGAAGAAGAGTACGT +CGGGTTGCGCGCGTTGGTGTTGGTGTTTTTGGCGTAGTTAGGCGAGGTTCGCGTTGCGTTGTTTAGTGG +CGCGCGGTAGTTCGGGTCGTTTGTAGCGTCGCGGCGTGGGTACGTGTAGGT &a==aa=====a== +====aaaaaaa====aaa==a=aaa=a==a=$a=$a==aa$aaaaaaaaa=a$a=$aaa==a$a$a$a= +=aa=a==aa=a=====aa$a=aa==aaa$aaaa==$a$a==a$a==a===aa=aa$a$a$aa=aa==$a +aa=$a===a=aa$a=$a$aa$a=aaa=a$a=a=aaa= XT:A:U NM:i:0 X0:i:1 + X1:i:0 XM:i:0 XO:i:0 XG:i:0 MD:Z:189 Seq7TruncF 0 B3GAT2-2_P001 16 37 189M * 0 0 + TTTGGAAGAGTTTTAGATTATAGGTGTTGTCGTCGTTAGCGAAGAAGAGTACGTCGGGTTGCGCGCGT +TGGTGTTGGTGTTTTTGGCGTAGTTAGGCGAGGTTCGCGTTGCGTTGTTTAGTGGCGCGCGGTAGTTCG +GGTCGTTTGTAGCGTCGCGGCGTGGGTACGTGTAGGTGAGTGTTGGGTAGTT ===aaaaaaa=== +=aaa==a=aaa=a==a=$a=$a==aa$aaaaaaaaa=a$a=$aaa==a$a$a$a==aa=a==aa=a=== +==aa$a=aa==aaa$aaaa==$a$a==a$a==a===aa=aa$a$a$aa=aa==$aaa=$a===a=aa$a +=$a$aa$a=aaa=a$a=a=aaa=aaa=a==aaa=aa== XT:A:U NM:i:0 X0:i:1 + X1:i:0 XM:i:0 XO:i:0 XG:i:0 MD:Z:189 Seq8Incomplete 4 * 0 0 * * 0 0 GGTTGGTTCTTA +TTCCTTGGAAGAGTTTTAGATTATAGGTGTTGTCGTCGTTAGCGAAGAAGAGTACGTCGGGTTGCGCGC +GTTGGTGTTGGTGTTTTTGGCGTAGTTAGGCGAGGTTCGCGTTGCGTTGTTTAGTGGCGCGCGGTAGTT +CGGGTCGTTTGTAGCGTCGCGGCGTGGGTACGTGTAGGTGAGTGTTGGGTAGTT &a==aa===== +a======aaaaaaa====aaa==a=aaa=a==a=$a=$a==aa$aaaaaaaaa=a$a=$aaa==a$a$a +$a==aa=a==aa=a=====aa$a=aa==aaa$aaaa==$a$a==a$a==a===aa=aa$a$a$aa=aa= +=$aaa=$a===a=aa$a=$a$aa$a=aaa=a$a=a=aaa=aaa=a==aaa=aa==




@Seq1Perfect GGTTGGTTTTTATTTTTTGGAAGAGTTTTAGATTATAGGTGTTGTCGTCGTTAGCGAAGAAGAGTACGTC +GGGTTGCGCGCGTTGGTGTTGGTGTTTTTGGCGTAGTTAGGCGAGGTTCGCGTTGCGTTGTTTAGTGGC +GCGCGGTAGTTCGGGTCGTTTGTAGCGTCGCGGCGTGGGTACGTGTAGGTGAGTGTTGGGTAGTT +Seq1Perfect &a==aa=====a======aaaaaaa====aaa==a=aaa=a==a=$a=$a==aa$aaaaaaaaa=a$a=$ +aaa==a$a$a$a==aa=a==aa=a=====aa$a=aa==aaa$aaaa==$a$a==a$a==a===aa=aa$ +a$a$aa=aa==$aaa=$a===a=aa$a=$a$aa$a=aaa=a$a=a=aaa=aaa=a==aaa=aa== @Seq2MM GGTTAATTTTTATTTTTTGGAAGAGTTTTAGATTATAGGTGTTGTCGTCGTTAGCGAAGAAGAGTACGTC +GGGTTGCGCGCGTTGGTGTTGGTGTTTTTGGCGTAGTTAGGCGAGGTTCGCGTTGCGTTGTTTAGTGGC +GCGCGGTAGTTCGGGTCGTTTGTAGCGTCGCGGCGTGGGTACGTGTAGGTGAGTGTTGGGTAGTT +Seq2MM &a==aa=====a======aaaaaaa====aaa==a=aaa=a==a=$a=$a==aa$aaaaaaaaa=a$a=$ +aaa==a$a$a$a==aa=a==aa=a=====aa$a=aa==aaa$aaaa==$a$a==a$a==a===aa=aa$ +a$a$aa=aa==$aaa=$a===a=aa$a=$a$aa$a=aaa=a$a=a=aaa=aaa=a==aaa=aa== @Seq3In GGTTGGTTTTTAGTTTTTTGGAAGAGTTTTAGATTATAGGTGTTGTCGTCGTTAGCGAAGAAGAGTACGT +CGGGTTGCGCGCGTTGGTGTTGGTGTTTTTGGCGTAGTTAGGCGAGGTTCGCGTTGCGTTGTTTAGTGG +CGCGCGGTAGTTCGGGTCGTTTGTAGCGTCGCGGCGTGGGTACGTGTAGGTGAGTGTTGGGTAGTT +Seq3In &a==aa===a==a======aaaaaaa====aaa==a=aaa=a==a=$a=$a==aa$aaaaaaaaa=a$a= +$aaa==a$a$a$a==aa=a==aa=a=====aa$a=aa==aaa$aaaa==$a$a==a$a==a===aa=aa +$a$a$aa=aa==$aaa=$a===a=aa$a=$a$aa$a=aaa=a$a=a=aaa=aaa=a==aaa=aa== @Seq4Del GGTTGGTTTTTATTTTTTGGAAGAGTTTTAGATTATAGGTGTTGTCGTCGTTAGCGAGTACGTCGGGTTG +CGCGCGTTGGTGTTGGTGTTTTTGGCGTAGTTAGGCGAGGTTCGCGTTGCGTTGTTTAGTGGCGCGCGG +TAGTTCGGGTCGTTTGTAGCGTCGCGGCGTGGGTACGTGTAGGTGAGTGTTGGGTAGTT +Seq4Del &a==aa=====a======aaaaaaa====aaa==a=aaa=a==a=$a=$a==aa$aaaaaaaaa=a$a=$ +aaa==a$a$a$a==aa=a==aa=a=====aa$a=aa==aaa$aaaa==$a$a==a$a==a===aa=aa$ +a$a$aa=aa==$aaa=$a===a=aa$a=$a$aa$a=aaa=a$a=a=aaa=aaa=a==aa @Seq5Partial GGTTGGTTTTTATTTTTTGGAAGAGTTTTAGATTATAGGTGTTGTTGTTGTTAGCGAAGAAGAGTACGTC +GGGTTGCGCGCGTTGGTGTTGGTGTTTTTGGCGTAGTTAGGCGAGGTTCGCGTTGCGTTGTTTAGTGGC +GCGCGGTAGTTCGGGTCGTTTGTAGCGTCGCGGCGTGGGTACGTGTAGGTGAGTGTTGGGTAGTT +Seq5Partial &a==aa=====a======aaaaaaa====aaa==a=aaa=a==a=$a=$a==aa$aaaaaaaaa=a$a=$ +aaa==a$a$a$a==aa=a==aa=a=====aa$a=aa==aaa$aaaa==$a$a==a$a==a===aa=aa$ +a$a$aa=aa==$aaa=$a===a=aa$a=$a$aa$a=aaa=a$a=a=aaa=aaa=a==aaa=aa== @Seq6TruncB GGTTGGTTTTTATTTTTTGGAAGAGTTTTAGATTATAGGTGTTGTCGTCGTTAGCGAAGAAGAGTACGTC +GGGTTGCGCGCGTTGGTGTTGGTGTTTTTGGCGTAGTTAGGCGAGGTTCGCGTTGCGTTGTTTAGTGGC +GCGCGGTAGTTCGGGTCGTTTGTAGCGTCGCGGCGTGGGTACGTGTAGGT +Seq6TruncB &a==aa=====a======aaaaaaa====aaa==a=aaa=a==a=$a=$a==aa$aaaaaaaaa=a$a=$ +aaa==a$a$a$a==aa=a==aa=a=====aa$a=aa==aaa$aaaa==$a$a==a$a==a===aa=aa$ +a$a$aa=aa==$aaa=$a===a=aa$a=$a$aa$a=aaa=a$a=a=aaa= @Seq7TruncF TTTGGAAGAGTTTTAGATTATAGGTGTTGTCGTCGTTAGCGAAGAAGAGTACGTCGGGTTGCGCGCGTTG +GTGTTGGTGTTTTTGGCGTAGTTAGGCGAGGTTCGCGTTGCGTTGTTTAGTGGCGCGCGGTAGTTCGGG +TCGTTTGTAGCGTCGCGGCGTGGGTACGTGTAGGTGAGTGTTGGGTAGTT +Seq7TruncF ===aaaaaaa====aaa==a=aaa=a==a=$a=$a==aa$aaaaaaaaa=a$a=$aaa==a$a$a$a==a +a=a==aa=a=====aa$a=aa==aaa$aaaa==$a$a==a$a==a===aa=aa$a$a$aa=aa==$aaa +=$a===a=aa$a=$a$aa$a=aaa=a$a=a=aaa=aaa=a==aaa=aa== @Seq8Incomplete GGTTGGTTCTTATTCCTTGGAAGAGTTTTAGATTATAGGTGTTGTCGTCGTTAGCGAAGAAGAGTACGTC +GGGTTGCGCGCGTTGGTGTTGGTGTTTTTGGCGTAGTTAGGCGAGGTTCGCGTTGCGTTGTTTAGTGGC +GCGCGGTAGTTCGGGTCGTTTGTAGCGTCGCGGCGTGGGTACGTGTAGGTGAGTGTTGGGTAGTT +Seq8Incomplete &a==aa=====a======aaaaaaa====aaa==a=aaa=a==a=$a=$a==aa$aaaaaaaaa=a$a=$ +aaa==a$a$a$a==aa=a==aa=a=====aa$a=aa==aaa$aaaa==$a$a==a$a==a===aa=aa$ +a$a$aa=aa==$aaa=$a===a=aa$a=$a$aa$a=aaa=a$a=a=aaa=aaa=a==aaa=aa==

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