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The test suite will run slower, and with 2,500 tests, that is going to become an issue.

I have serious issues with this line of thought. In my opinion, one should run every test that deals with any piece of code that has a 0.00001% chance of dealing with the code you changed since the last time you ran a full test suite.

Now, my codebase is broken up into 23+ Perl distributions (each its own CVS project) and 4 other CVS projects containing Oracle DDL, templates, and the like. The projects have a definite hierarchy (which is delineated in every distributions Makefile.PL). If I change some code in XXX::Foo and YYY::Foo depends on XXX::Foo, I need to run the tests in both XXX::Foo and YYY::Foo. Period. There's just no way around that.

Now, I don't have to run the tests for XXX::Foo if YYY::Foo changes, and the test suites need to be flexible enough to handle that. But, I think it's foolish to complain about test suite size or the time to run it. You have tests for a reason. Don't sabotage yourself just because you're impatient. It may be a virtue, but so is patience.

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