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Thanks PodMaster, that was it precisely. I rewrote the programs as follows:

#! /usr/bin/perl use strict; use MIME::Base64 qw( encode_base64 ); open INFILE, '<', $ARGV[0]; binmode INFILE; open OUTFILE, '>', $ARGV[1]; my $buf; while ( read( INFILE, $buf, 60 * 57 ) ) { print OUTFILE encode_base64( $buf ); } close OUTFILE; close INFILE; __END__

#! /usr/bin/perl use strict; use MIME::Base64 qw( decode_base64 ); open INFILE, '<', $ARGV[0]; open OUTFILE, '>', $ARGV[1]; binmode OUTFILE; my $buf; while ( $buf = <INFILE> ) { print OUTFILE decode_base64( $buf ); } close OUTFILE; close INFILE; __END__

The PDF decoded correctly this time. Thanks!

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