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doom's scratchpad

by doom (Deacon)
on Jun 03, 2004 at 17:50 UTC ( #360325=scratchpad: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Hey bjensen34... maybe this is closer (I'm trying not to think very hard about why you want to do this):
# USAGE $0 {failover|normal|status} $1 {serial} # Syntax: {failover|normal|status} {serial} # Return: SUCCESS | ERROR # $version = "1.0"; #------------ # definition #------------ $VARIABLE = $ARGV[0]; $Serial = $ARGV[1]; $HOME_DIR = "/var/named/DRBAK"; $ROOT_DIR = "/var/named/zone"; #---------------------------------------------------- `perl -pi -e 's/2007\d\d\d\d\d\d/$ARGV[0]/' $ROOT_DIR/* $Serial`;
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