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Well, I'll repeat some of the feedback you've been given by more than one person that you seem unwilling to listen to.

I see no point in so much code just to restrict what I can do with my personal nodelet. I'd much rather just have a text box. Then I can very easily move things around with cut'n'paste in a WYSIWIG manner (instead of pretending like I'm programming in BASIC and renumbering my lines -- which is an okay interface for web-based reordering in some ways, but doesn't even come close to just being able to move things around with cut'n'paste). I'd like to be able to copy the contents into an editor and sort them or run Perl on them, or whatever. Why make such a complex interface when it mainly restricts what I can do when a very simple (nearly trivial) interface it so much easier to use and more powerful?

I'd rather you rename the node "Personal Nodelet Settings" to match the naming of the other personal settings pages (though there may not be much point in having it as a separate page when it becomes mostly just a single text box).

I guess you didn't bother to look too much at existing data you'd have to deal with before you wrote this code. You said it was "fully tested". Do you bother to test it on any existing personal nodelets? How can you consider that "fully"?

Though such values are outside the scope of the original design of the nodelet so I'm not that concerned that people might have to fix their nodelets to work again (or better).

In fact, I'd just run a quick s/<br>/]<br />\n\[/ on everyone's settings and delete a bunch of code (and test, etc.) and be done. Nearly every aspect of the nodelet now become simple one-liners.


- tye        

Update: Added a missing "not".