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Re: Perl is Lego, PHP is Playmobil (don't take too seriously)

by stefp (Vicar)
on Jun 18, 2004 at 14:49 UTC ( #367961=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Perl is Lego, PHP is Playmobil (don't take too seriously)

And Perl6 will be Playmobil, Lego and Meccano... More than ever, you will be able to pick, invent and combine your building paradigm(s).

-- stefp

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Node Type: note [id://367961]
usemodperl remembers the hilarious merlyn bot
[usemodperl]: perl is not broken, perl is being broken by the web being broken by https, for the love of banking apps on free wifi at coffee shops or something...
[Veltro]: Wondering, would it be so hard to write a small application that you can access using http which forwards the request over web ussing ssl?
[Veltro]: are there not even tools for that?
[usemodperl]: the breakage is so fresh i guess not, so it's up to us! :-)
[usemodperl]: someone has yet to make that future famous free http to https proxy written in perl and supported by ads, paypal, patreon, etc to make millions of dollars a minute!
[Veltro]: Why would this be fresh, I recon this is stuff that happens all the time (not Perl per se)

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