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Looks good!

I might have used "Par ailleur" instead of "incidemment", but that's really a detail, and in nate's comment I might translate "My official title in the company" as "Mon titre officiel dans ma societe" rather than "la societe".


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Re^2: French translation of PerlMonks FAQ
by theon (Beadle) on Jun 20, 2004 at 11:39 UTC
    I think "que" should be removed in " simple d'usage que possible" (it's either "aussi ... que possible" or "le plus/moins ... possible"). This one still sounds strange, I would have translated like this: "Une tentative de rendre l'apprentissage de Perl aussi facile à pratiquer et aussi peu intimidant que possible".

    And in the next one, I would replace "ceux désirant" by "ceux qui désirent".