A few weeks ago, I found out that ctweten works within miles of where I live! I also remember a post about a perlmonks get together in the exciting state of Missourri (hmm...this continues our discussion of whether Kansas City is in Missourri or Kansas- bah!). I think it would be a fabtastic idea if there were more of these get togethers. I find that we are an overly friendly bunch o' computer nerds and that we would mesh well. I also imagine that such get togethers are only hindered by a type of anonimity: location. For example, if I knew that five perlmonks were in my area, I'd invite them to a QuakeFest or picnic or something along those lines.

"Get to the point, AgentM!" Yes, I hear you. Along these lines, I propose MONKS' MAPS!. I imagine this as a page where a medium-sized map of the world is displayed. Over this map is a layer (or div, rather, as proposed by the HTML "standard") consisting of a transparent GIF imagemap. On this transparent GIF, every monk would be a be able to place a small dot, representing a relative location. Of course, this may be an optional entry under user settings. The perks? One would easily be able to recognize concentrated areas of monks and optionally invite them to chow or even statistical analysis ("...studies show that most perl hackers live in the White Mountains...").

Further options on this map could include linking monks with their respective dots so it's clear who's who (remember, the dots are relatively large, so no one would be able to figure out which town you live in, perhaps just the state or country), isolating a list of monks in a certain radius, automatically msg'ing monks connected with certain dots, or even state/ country recognition (that might take a while to hack out...)

I can't imagine that this would in any way be harmful, since it would be optional from the start, but such a cut little map might make me happen to know that I can stay with a fellow perlmonk in my area if, for example, my dorm burns down (just kidding). Tell me what you think!

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