Still in the process of translating About the PerlMonks FAQ in French, I'm stuck this time with a structural problem:

In its current state, the About the PerlMonks FAQ is an english master index pointing to all language versions of subnodes (currently pt_BR, and fr_FR). IMHO, this structure is very reliable and should be kept, but when a subnode should points to an other one, which one to use? the english one? the french one (if my initial node is in french)? or the master index entry point leading to all versions of the node?

Thing may be done with some extra anchoring into master index, but this would make letting down square brackets linking since [id://nodeid|title#anchor] is not supported. Some times ago I found some stuff about linking enhancement in tye . What is the status of that?

If this kind of linking could be made auto-magically according to browser/preferences languages selected... ...some new beans to grind pmdevers!

Update: everyone would have corrected link notation as [id://nodeid#anchor|title]...

HTH, Dominique
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Original title: 'PerlMonks FAQ and linking'