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You should write an assembler in Perl, that accepts dumbed down perl syntax. :)

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by tedv (Pilgrim) on Oct 23, 2000 at 22:32 UTC
    Great idea, why don't I do that...

    perl -e '$/ = ""; eval <STDIN>;'

    That wasn't so hard. :)

      Oh, I thought you wanted a perl program that could simulate running assembler programs. :) Outputting assembler is definitly non-trivial. I wonder if it could fit in 512 bytes, so I could submit it to the obfuscated perl contest...

        I need access to a demo/free download for a sparc assembler, gdb, or any utility that assemble .s files. Isaac
      That doesn't output assembler, which I assume you wanted. I was talking about a perl->assembly converter (since my main complaint with assembler is readability, even with m4 codes)