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sounds like you are wanting something like an AI::Categorizer plugin for Perlmonks

while I suppose that is would be technically possible to implement, I suspect that overhead on the database would prevent this from ever being deployed in a workable manner.

Very intriquing idea though.

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Re^2: Collaborative filtertering
by artist (Parson) on Aug 19, 2004 at 17:45 UTC
    It will be based on liking of the node. So it won't be neccessary to use 'AI::Categorizer' or any such similar tool. Also it can be built externally to prevent load on database.
      I had assumed that you were proposing being able to "mark" a node as something you like....sort of like I can mark shows I like in TIVO and it decides to record suggetions based on my preferences and habits.

      Marking a node that you like would be pretty easy, you could even just use the current voting system as voting up a node assumes you like it (allthough I hear that some folks use votes to gain XP or affect others XP <grin>)

      the challange as I understand it is then parsing new nodes to offer the users suggestions on nodes they might be interested in....this is where I would imagine the most significant amount of overhead to the system.