I don't know about you, but I use my perlmonks reference quite often: While it's nice to tell them that I'm a perlmonk, I would feel more "official" about it if I could throw 'em an email address like Know what I mean?

In the great tradition of eternally expanding an already humongous website, I propose MonkMail! I can't imagine that we would actually need an online mail reader- that's not at all what I suggest (though if I were to, I would suggest a morph of NeoMail). Since we already have our own thousands of email addresses and seeing that one needs an email address to get an account here, I'd be perfectly happy with a forwarding address mechanism here.

Perhaps these things need to be thought through:

This is what might vroom have had in mind when he wrote something like "the email field may provide some other functionality in the future" on the new user page. What do you guys think?
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