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Your skill will accomplish
what the force of many cannot


by m_turner (Sexton)
on Oct 31, 2000 at 02:09 UTC ( #39204=poem: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

join(' ',$self,$traveler = $land{'antique'}); $traveler->say { map { vast($_) and not(trunk($_) } @legsOfStone; $desert('stand',@legsOfStone) $visage->sink(0.5); $visage->shatter(); map { system($visage->{$_}) } 'frown', 'lip', 'sneer'; read PASSIONS, $sculptor, 256; map { $sculptor->stamp($_)} grep {survive($_)} @things; $hand->mock(); $heart->feed(); $pedestal->set('words', { my $name = "Ozymandias" . "King of Kings"; $mighty->look($words{$name}) and despair; }); $remains = undef; int(decay('wreck')); join(' ',split(//,'lone and level sands')); };

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Now if it was Bill Gates head in the sand, it would make me laugh at least :)
by frankus (Priest) on Oct 31, 2000 at 19:36 UTC
    I like the original poem, and I like Perl Poetry, I seem to dislike bending the classics to fit Perl. (Nothing personal and as if my opinion is really worth much anyhow :-). I like the old style write yer own Perl Poetry, I suppose it could have been worse, it could have been Xanadu by Coleridge.( A few verses longer )

    Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if Randal had been Coleridge writing "The Ancient Mariner", what would have happened when the guy came along and knocked on the door and broke his train of thought. (There are rumours that Randal's train of thought has a caboose :).

    Sometimes I wonder: what if Larry Wall (makes the sign of the cross) had been interupted whilst writing the section of Perl I am having issues with and it is broken, my catharsis is usually punctuated by an "ah" after much studying of Llama, Camel, Wolf and Owl.

    I digress, what do other Perl Monks think of Poetry and Perl and Perl Poetry? I don't know art I just know what I like :)

    Brother Frankus.
      > I suppose it could have been worse,
      > it could have been Xanadu by Coleridge

      Oh hell. Now you've gone and done it. My perverted little mind isn't going to let me rest until I've done just that.

      Maybe you'll get lucky and I won't actually post it.

      But don't count on it. <evil grin>

          - Muse

        Let me start it for you:

        In Unix first did Larry Wall
        A scripter's pleasure-park release.

        Brother Frankus.
(redmist) RE: Ozymandias
by redmist (Deacon) on Oct 31, 2000 at 09:00 UTC
    My heart yelps in pain,
    That Ozymandias is absent,
    From this Monastery to which he laid claim,
    And thus is my terse lament.

    I miss him...when will he come back!?!??


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