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Re^2: Catching errors in closing lexical filehandles

by gaal (Parson)
on Sep 27, 2004 at 06:18 UTC ( #394082=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Catching errors in closing lexical filehandles
in thread Catching errors in closing lexical filehandles

I used to use IO::File for the cleanliness back when "open my $fh" didn't work. Or when I didn't feel like the overhead sometimes I used gensym (remember that?). I'm aware of all those advantages and mentioned most of them in the original post; and I still like the idea of automatic close :)

Can you explain why explicitly closing output filehandles is especially important? Modulo close failures, in our case the close *will* happen, together with associated flushing.

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