Recently, in the thread dynamic nicks -or- big PITA for vroom : ), it was posited that it might be interesting for monks to amend their nicks with a location. I can't do much about that, but I have added some fields to the stats pages that allow monks who are on the MonkMap to select a given monk as the origin, and display the range and bearing to any other monk who is mappified. This can be gotten to by either clicking 'Monk Maps' on the main stats page, or by clicking here. I'll be adding the ability to sort by range and/or bearing shortly.

mdillon had the suggestion of adding monkular birthdays to the database, using the same method as adding MonkMap location tags and OS tags. Any thoughts on this? I've also thought that anyone who wanted to make their email address available could use a similiar method.

I will be fixing the scanner to process email tags and birthday tags using the following format:

<!-- -->
<!-- birthday:04/30/1998 -->

If you'd like your birthday noted, but not the year (a gentleman never asks a ladies age!), substitute 'xxxx' (yes, that's 4 letter x's) as the year. It'll be a couple days before I modify the stats pages to display this information.

Remember, of course, that all this is voluntary. I understand that people may prefer not to give out their ages and email addresses, but putting yourself on the MonkMap should be harmless, and informative. If you're haven't done this, see Put yourself on the Monk Map for details.


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