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XMMS Controller

by throttle (Beadle)
on Nov 03, 2004 at 14:32 UTC ( #404899=sourcecode: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
Category: Audio Related Programs
Author/Contact Info If you have any suggestion, please email me at throttlehackcrack(_at_)yahoo(_dot_)it . (instead of (_at_) use @, the same for (
Description: Well, I often listen to music when I'm working, so I put xmms in background and I play all the mp3s that i have. But I don't like all of them, so i have to resume XMMS' icon (in fluxbox it's a bit boring) and change song. So i wrote this little script. It doesn't occupy much space on the screen, so you can have this in the foreground without problem, and you can change song whenever you want, without having to resume xmms (that must be started before you run this script). This was my first working (and someway useful) perl script. I wrote it this summer.
It needs Tk to work properly, so install it.
#XMMS Controller    (C)2004 by Throttle

#This program is free software. You can use, copy, modificate, distrib
+ute it under
#the terms of GNU GPL version 2 or later. The software is provided wit
+h no warranty.

use strict;
use Tk;

my $window = MainWindow->new(-title=>"XMMS Controller");
$window->Button(-text=>"Prev", -command=> sub{click(1)})->pack(-side=>
$window->Button(-text=>"Play", -command=> sub{click(2)})->pack(-side=>
$window->Button(-text=>"Pause", -command=> sub{click(3)})->pack(-side=
$window->Button(-text=>"Next", -command=> sub{click(4)})->pack(-side=>
$window->Button(-text=>"Exit", -command=>[$window=>'destroy'])->pack;


sub click
    my $todo = shift;

    if($todo == 1) {system "xmms -r";}
    if($todo == 2) {system "xmms -p";}
    if($todo == 3) {system "xmms -u";}
    if($todo == 4) {system "xmms -f";}
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Re: XMMS Controller
by Chady (Priest) on Nov 04, 2004 at 07:33 UTC

    a small nitpick; I would write your click() as:

    sub click { my $todo = shift; system "xmms -$todo"; }

    and change the buttons' callbacks to

    $window->Button(-text=>"Prev", -command=> sub{click('r')})->pack(-side +=>'left'); $window->Button(-text=>"Play", -command=> sub{click('p')})->pack(-side +=>'left'); $window->Button(-text=>"Pause", -command=> sub{click('u')})->pack(-sid +e=>'left'); $window->Button(-text=>"Next", -command=> sub{click('f')})->pack(-side +=>'left');

    You might also want to check wmxmms which sits in some kind of dock and can control xmms for you.

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