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Re^3: Gods of perl

by throttle (Beadle)
on Nov 05, 2004 at 12:51 UTC ( #405480=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: Gods of perl
in thread Gods of perl

Your syllogisms are wrong. A correct one would be<br
Everyone who creates things is a God
I create things
Therefore, I'm a God


All men are mortal.
Socrates is a men
Socrates is a mortal

You syllogisms don't follow Aristotele's teachings.

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Re^4: Gods of perl
by kelan (Deacon) on Nov 05, 2004 at 19:33 UTC

    Your syllogisms are wrong.

    He meant for them to be wrong, which is why he said:
    Note that the two arguments below both rely on the same logical fallacy. The following is clearly false.

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