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ssh'ing into your home network, mainly. that's why i pay extra for a static IP. also, i can run my own outgoing mail server, since i'm not likely to automatically get onto any blackhole-type lists (e.g. RBL, DUL). i've seen dynamic DSL ranges make it onto the DUL (Dialup Users List).
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by brainpan (Monk) on Nov 09, 2000 at 08:55 UTC
    To everyone who uses this for ssh, etc., why is paying for a static IP better than using some free dynamic dns like or

    And no, I don't own 27 pairs of sweatpants.
      well, there is also the fact that all the dynamic IP schemes for DSL suck. most providers these days are offering PPPoE which is a lot like a dialup connection in terms of the ISP's level of control over the connection (it is a session based connectivity protocol, i.e. your DSL has to "dial up" with a username and password). DHCP is not so bad, unless your DSL network is overbooked, in which case you can have problems renewing leases (read: you can't access the Internet because your ISP takes away your IP address and won't return it or give you a new one). to me, avoiding all of that hassle is worth a few extra bucks a month. my static IP DSL is rock solid.
        not to mention the fact that if you have dynamic ip service and are inactive for a given period of time, regardless of their "always on" advertisements, they will disconnect you to free up ips in the ip "pools". they simply don't have enough ips for everyone who is signing up, but if you get static ip service this never happens. i fully intend on getting static ip when it is available.

        ps- there's more detailed info on this phenomena at