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Hey John,

Thanks for the help. What I am trying to do is just use Perl to convert a .xls table to a tab-delimited .txt file. This last one will suffer many inspections and processings - because of that I need the conversion, in order to avoid the weight of the .xls file all along the data analysis. At the end, having appended a last column "1" or "0" to each line of the tsv .txt, according to if it´s data is approved or not, the "1" lines are imported to the mysql database. Then, I use your Spreadsheet writter to give back the user the processed file with the error messages (when you implement the writte_comment they´ll go that way).

Well, that´s the whole story. For the conversion, using only your cell handler, I would have to identify wich line and wich column is each cell from, in order to record it with a "\t" after or a "\n" if it's the last column of that row. It seems the code I was using before would manage to do that, if I put it inside your cell-handler, wouldn´t it? Or there is another way of doing it? Or is there another simpler way?

Thanks a lot, John.