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(Dermot) Re: Browsing PerlMonks with ...

by Dermot (Scribe)
on Nov 20, 2000 at 18:08 UTC ( #42490=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Browsing PerlMonks with ...

  • Konqueror 1.9.8
  • Amaya 4.0
  • Netscape 4.73
  • Mozilla M18
  • Opera 4.0b2

I have problems browsing PerlMonks with all of these. As mentioned in the original post it is not possible to login using Amaya. The other three browsers will not successfully complete downloading the Newest Nodes page when there is more than ~100k of data to download. I don't really understand it, if anyone can shed any light on the problem I would appreciate it. All five (Konqueror, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, Amaya) react a little differently but the end result is that they either render part of the newest nodes page or they don't render anything at all. Operating system is Debian GNU/Linux with a 2.2.17 kernel and a mixture of package, mostly up to date.
  • Konqueror gives an error dialog: Connection to host is broken, and doesn't render anything. My guess is that is fills a buffer or somehow realises that it won't be able to render the full page and decides not to render anything at all.
  • Netscape connects, shows the ad, graphics, search bar, links to the various PerlMonks sections and the Newest Nodes title and then nothing. It stops downloading at around 150K and View-->Page Source shows the last text as: "&lastnode_id=3628">(tye)RE: my and".
  • Amaya shows most of what should be shown on the Newest Nodes page but the indentation is haphazard and looks poor to say the least. However, this is not a fair test because since I can't log in using Amaya it is showing the previous days nodes not the previous four or five days as it would if I was logged in so who knows how it would behave in that situation.
  • Opera actually renders most of the page but not quite everything. It stops somewhere during the New Notes section and doesn't show the Newest Users section at all. This seems to be due to the amount of data as with the other browsers. Using View Source to try and see where it stopped is not helping because it starts up an application called xedit which does not have scrollbars so I have not been able to see what the last piece of markup is.
  • Mozilla doesn't show the Newest Nodes page at all and doesn't give an error message either. The background just greys out and hangs there. However, it outputs a message to the xterm it was started from saying that the document has been downloaded successfully.
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Re: (Dermot) Re: Browsing PerlMonks with ...
by Fastolfe (Vicar) on Nov 20, 2000 at 19:06 UTC
    Are you using a proxy server by chance? Just curious.. the fact that all browsers fail leads me to believe it's either a site problem or a problem with your network/proxy setup. The site seems to be set up in a typical way, so is there anything non-standard about your network/proxy setup? I've never seen these types of problems with Netscape 4.72 or Mozilla M18 on other sites.
      No proxy and I have experienced the same problems with the same versions of the same browsers on different network connections at different physical locations, also not proxied. I've seen this using a 56k modem and a shared ISDN B-Channel.

      The data is being transferred from to the browsers but it is what happens afterwards that is causing the problem. I think. Good questions though. Keep them coming.

        I'd test it myself to identify it positively as a site problem with the browsers I have on-hand, but I don't know of any way of getting that amount of data from the site except by waiting a week or four without clicking the "I've seen all of these" button on Newest Nodes.

        If a proxy server was involved, and the proxy server was cutting you off at X bytes, it would be consistent with the messages/behavior you are seeing, which was why I asked. Some people do not realize they even have a proxy server set up, if it's transparent or automatically configured.

        Perhaps somebody else that has chosen to allow their Newest Nodes page to grow so large can offer to test...?

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