I have recently been 'talking' with a Mr. Schwartz about an issue of copyright, and posting code. I do respect his reasons and his views...seriously. It makes this a great county to be in where one can voice an opinion. (I am a true patriot). Here's a thought.. and would like comments... not against ME please.. but against the ISSUE I'm bringing up. When posting, We can vote + or - on an issue... I sometimes wonder why people vote certain ways. Is it because the feel that they agree or disagree? Is it because they are friends w/ the other person and supporting them for who they are, not for what they believe? Is it because they just want to vote to get their reputation/experience points up? .. So I ask what do you all think? Should we be able to vote and tell why we did what we did? Should we keep it the way it is, secret ballot? Should there be a rating system on a 1-10?, not just a yes/no (+,-)?.. I'm just curious to hear what you all have to 'discuss'.... after all.. isn't this the main purpose of this forum?