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Oh! Seems like I should have fiddled more ...

I built a little on my square example, and made this trivial snippet.

#! /usr/bin/perl use Test::LectroTest; use Test::Deep; sub square { my $square = $_[ 0 ] * $_[ 0 ]; return [ $square, $square ]; } Property { ##[ x <- Int #]## my $sq = $x * $x; eq_deeply( square( $x ), [ $sq, $sq ] ); }, name => "Finding \$x's square. Twice!";

This passes, and gives the normal output of:

c:/dev/fun $ perl 1..1 ok 1 - 'Finding $x's square. Twice!' (1000 attempts)

Not enough research on my part evidently. My bad. At least it answers my original question. Yes, you can use other testing modules with Test::LectroTest :)

But if I try the same with Test::Differences (by changing Test::Deep to Test::Differences and swapping eq_or_diff with eq_deeply), I get the following:

c:/dev/fun $ perl 1..1 Can't identify test lib in use, doesn't seem to be or Test::Bu +ilder based at c:/perl/site/lib/Test/ line 409 Test::Differences::eq_or_diff('ARRAY(0x11c9fec)', 'ARRAY(0x11c9fe0 +)') called at line 15 main::__ANON__('Test::LectroTest::TestRunner::testcontroller=ARRAY +(0x11c9fb0)', 1) called at c:/perl/site/lib/Test/LectroTest/TestRunne line 196 eval {...} called at c:/perl/site/lib/Test/LectroTest/TestRunner.p +m line 193 Test::LectroTest::TestRunner::run('Test::LectroTest::TestRunner=HA +SH(0x1263fbc)', 'Test::LectroTest::Property=HASH(0x11c9f68)') called +at c:/perl/site/lib/Test/LectroTest/ line 289 Test::LectroTest::TestRunner::run_suite('Test::LectroTest::TestRun +ner=HASH(0x1263fbc)', 'Test::LectroTest::Property=HASH(0x11c9f68)') c +alled at c:/perl/site/lib/Test/ line 157 Test::LectroTest::run() called at c:/perl/site/lib/Test/LectroTest line 160 Test::LectroTest::END() called at line 0 eval {...} called at line 0 ok ok ok . . . # Followed by 997 more ok's

Looks like this is something related to how Test::Differences reports results. A Test::Builder issue, perhaps? I'll have a look into the code and see if I can figure something out.

Thanks for the quick reply, fergal, and for pointing me in the right direction.

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