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A little more help or description might be in order. Please advise as to what kind of errors that you are getting. Also which perl rev you are using (ie: 5.8.x) and which type of OS. This will probably help someone diagnose what kind of problems you are having.



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Re^2: PPM problem
by Anonymous Monk on Feb 21, 2005 at 03:53 UTC
    WinXP, I usually use PPM to install module, but PPM dosen't work right now. I went to GD website, it seem so complicated to install it manually.
      I don't know what wrong with PPM, I reinstall activeperl from activestate but didn't work. I shutdown my firewall and antivirus everything still wouldn't work.

        The actual errors or messages you are getting would be far more usefull than just saying it doesn't work.

        Eric Hodges