Hello all,

Ok, I've flitted around this site for long enough now that I think I've identified an area that could use some much needed ease of use study/face lift/overhaul.

IMHO, the "Q&A" interface is quite bad. Being what I'd consider a power user of nearly anything I get involved with, PERL not being an exception, I can barely identify which "subcategory" my question might fall under. Those with less experience surely can't find this interface intuitive.

On the other hand, the "tutorial" area is much more user friendly allowing the user to visually search the areas on one long page, without having to commit to a guess, then go back, try again, etc, just to find out whether or not their question might be located within the "Q&A" area.

I'll assume that "Q&A" has many more topics covered than the "tutorial" area, and thus there are difficulties in doing this exactly as suggested (ok, yes I'm admitting I've not browsed through the Q&A area much, primarily because of my perception of that interface being too opaque). However, I thought this might be a good topic for other, more experienced monks to discuss to possibly improve the usability of that area.