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Re: PerlMonks issue with Portugal timezone?

by bofh_of_oz (Hermit)
on Apr 20, 2005 at 20:11 UTC ( #449754=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to PerlMonks issue with Portugal timezone?

Another thing about time zones on PerlMonks: I have thought that whatever is to the west of Greenwich, supposed to have GMT -<insert your number here>, e.g. GMT-5 for Eastern Standart Time (that's what my Windows box says anyways :).
So, when asking for admission to this glorious monastery, I was somewhat surprised to see something like this:
User's localtime: Apr 20, 2005 at 16:06 GMT+4

I know that right now the difference is 4 hours... but why '+' instead of '-'?

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Re^2: PerlMonks issue with Portugal timezone?
by RatArsed (Monk) on Apr 21, 2005 at 12:26 UTC

    Same reason that people in the UK and portugal are on +1.

    UTC is a synonym for GMT, and may make more sense -- neither observe DST. So, at the moment, the local time observed in Greenwich is GMT+1 (BST).

    Things get scarier in some parts of the US (parts of Indiana, for example) that do not observe DST.


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