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Re^2: What's on your Bookshelf (related to perl)?

by ady (Deacon)
on May 17, 2005 at 14:41 UTC ( #457838=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: What's on your Bookshelf (related to perl)?
in thread What's on your Bookshelf (related to perl)?

&& an equally interesting question: which set of books would be close to sufficient for covering perl development.
|| put another way: if you could (had to!) bring 5 perl books with you on a far far away coral island, which would you pack in your luggage...
-- allan

update My own list would look like this:
(1) Learning Perl -- even tho' it's a beginners book, it's still often the first one i grab to lookup how to slice a hash or flag a file test...
(2) Programming Perl -- i wouldn't go anywhere without the bible. The book was tough to read, but haleluja! when i find myself in deep trouble, mother larry comes to me, whisper words of wisdom...
(3) Perl Cookbook -- There's so much gold in this book for everyday program problem cracking, that i've switched from browsing it to reading it, front to back, and finding new revelations every time i bend over...

Now it's getting more difficult. I choose
(4) Advanced Perl Programming -- for it's good explanations of complex data structs and persistense plus code eval and closures without which it's hard to do any serious perl programming
(5) Mastering Regular Expressions -- because at least 10% of the programming i do, is really done for me by regex'es, that's a real big gem in the perl crown.

Now of course the OO, functional (HOP), GUI (TK), comp. sci. algorithms stuff all has it's merits, but if i HAD to choose... And then again, even the most remote coral sandbank has a web connection these days, so i can always hook up to and get my answers there. No sweat<g>
-- allan
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