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Hi, Someone asked on the perl.beginners maillist, a question about running gpg thru a script. Well I thought It could be run thru IPC::Open3, but there is a complication. Gpg grabs the tty of the perlscript, preventing IPC from operating.

If you run the script below(modified to edit a suitable name for your system), gpg, grabs the tty. If you enter "trust" followed by Enter, a new menu appears. That is the functionality I'm trying to perform thru the script.

If I print to the IN filehandle, it does nothing. I've noticed that the Crypt::GPG module uses IPC::Run and an undocumented gpg option called "--no-tty", but that aside, I just want to know how to access the STDIN to gpg.

On my system gpg is shown using /dev/pts/5, and I can't seem to be able to print to it. Is it possible thru some sort of fileno magic?

#!/usr/bin/perl use warnings; use strict; use IPC::Open3; use POSIX; my $childpid = open3(\*IN, \*OUT, \*ERR, 'gpg --edit zentara'); #gpg grabs control of the tty here my $tty0 = ttyname(0); #STDIN my $tty1 = ttyname(1); #STDOUT print "$tty0 $tty1\n"; # they are /dev/pts/5 on my machine #how do I print to STDIN of /dev/pts/5 ? print IN "trust\n"; chomp(my $answer = <OUT>); print $answer; if ($answer =~ /Your decision/) { print IN "5\n"; }else { print "decision error $!\n"; exit; }

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