vote on The shortest distance between my keyboard and the Monastery is:

A straight line
[bar] 11/4%
A great circle
[bar] 9/3%
A rhumb line
[bar] 3/1%
An infinite number of infintessimly small distances
[bar] 79/27%
A quantum leap
[bar] 12/4%
A leap of faith
[bar] 26/9%
Through the Saintly teleport booth
[bar] 26/9%
Seven leagues under the sea
[bar] 4/1%
To hell and back
[bar] 17/6%
A hop, skip, and a jump
[bar] 11/4%
Through a wormhole
[bar] 15/5%
MapQuest can't find it
[bar] 9/3%
traceroute is down, I'm lost
[bar] 71/24%
293 total votes

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