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I think it's a sign of poor programming if your code bends backwards to satisfy strict, when the code could have been shorter, easier to understand and maintain and less error prone with a strategic 'no strict'.

I buy that, when applied to short scripts, one-liners and throw-away code. For anything longer, or anything where a large number of people are going to be working on the code, it's nearly always easier to adhere to strict than to take the shortcuts and risk having to explain to colleagues and maintainers why you've made the decision you made.

In the context of the OP (which is the context in which my comment should be read), where the snippet seems to be a cut-down excerpt from something bigger, I think that turning off strictness to kludge something in is a bad idea. In this context, I stand by what I said: something needs rethinking.

Update: What ++Transient said :)