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I you want to add a new page, you are correct in using the $pdf->page() method, but you need to tell it what page to create. By default it will just give you the first page (and create it if it doesn't exist). So doing something like this (untested):
$page_num = 1; while ($files[$counter] ne "") { print("Encoding $files[$counter] to PDF format\n"); open(INFILE, "$startdir/$files[$counter]"); $line=<INFILE>; while($line ne "") { $txt->translate($xc,$yc); $yc-=10; if($yc==0){ $pdf->page($page_count); $txt = $page->hybrid; $txt->textstart; $txt->font($fnt, 10); $page->mediabox('LETTER'); $yc=780; } $txt->text($line); $counter++; $line=<INFILE>; } }
Is probably more like what you want.

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