vote on Spaghetti code...

Tastes like chicken.
[bar] 7/3%
Smells like tuna.
[bar] 5/2%
Looks like line noise.
[bar] 6/2%
Feels cold and clammy.
[bar] 3/1%
Runs like Montezuma's Revenge.
[bar] 18/7%
Must be kept refrigerated after opening.
[bar] 17/7%
Will be my gift to my successors.
[bar] 31/13%
Was a curse bestowed upon me by my predecessors.
[bar] 45/18%
Is most easily consumed with chopsticks.
[bar] 11/4%
May cause bloating.
[bar] 12/5%
Needs a little salt.
[bar] 14/6%
Back away, close the door, pretend you never saw it.
[bar] 79/32%
248 total votes

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