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Hi Monks, I have just started using Perl at work to help out with tasks here and there so I am new to this. Recently, I created this script to grab a list of records from a database. It actually works! I'm pretty thrilled.
open (FILE, "userstab.txt") || die "Cannot open file.\n"; open (NEWFILE, ">results.txt") || die "Cannot find or open file for ed +iting.\n"; while (<FILE>) { @zapschool = split (/\t/); if (m/zaps/i) { print NEWFILE "$zapschool[4]\n"; } } close FILE; close NEWFILE;

This gives me a list of all the entries in a column, but now I need to figure out how to use Perl to go through my new list, results.txt, and create a new list that holds the names and a count of how many times a partcular name appears on the list.

For example, my list contains college and university names. Many of them appear multiple times. I'd like to create a list where each unique record appears only once but with a frequency count of how many times it appears.

Can you offer some guidance on how to proceede? I'm not necessarily looking for finshed code, but more a point in the right direction so I can do it myself. Thank you.