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Old node, but I didn't see it until today :)

I've practiced tae kwon-do for ten years, but after finishing my university degree I haven't found a club I like close to where I live. They all seem to want me as an instructor when I show up, which is not a part of my do, savvy? ;) And of course, I have some "alsos". Did aikido for two years, with some iaido and capoeira thrown in as a bonus. Never got any belts/grades/whatchmaycallit in iaido or capoeira, though.

I find having one main style and learning other, complementary styles is nice, as you can transfer principles from one to the other. My aikido was a lot better for the balance and explosiveness from tae kwon-do, while my tae kwon-do is much better for the focus and disruptive elements of aikido.

Marial arts are fun!

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