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Meeting People Is Easy

by jeffa (Bishop)
on Jan 10, 2001 at 23:02 UTC ( #50958=monkdiscuss: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

I just had an informal dinner meeting with two Perl Monks in my area - extremely and notsoevil. It was a wonderful and enlightening experience.

I would like to suggest for everyone to find out who is in your area (jcwren's Monk Maps should help) and arrange a meeting.

You won't regret it.


(the triplet paradiddle)

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(Ovid) Re: Meeting People Is Easy
by Ovid (Cardinal) on Jan 10, 2001 at 23:28 UTC
    Some of the Portland Perlmonks met a few weeks ago. The attendees were (in no particular order):
    • merlyn
    • dchetlin
    • lemming
    • Ovid
    • One monk who has decided not to reveal his monk name (he's a friend of mine, so that's the only way I knew he was a monk).
    We met at the Rock Bottom Brewery here in Portland, OR and had a great time. I got a little toasty and told some interesting stories about my past that would probably raise a few virtual eyebrows here.

    If anyone else is thinking about, give it a shot. It's a load of fun.


    Join the Perlmonks Setiathome Group or just click on the the link and check out our stats.

Re: Meeting People Is Easy
by extremely (Priest) on Jan 11, 2001 at 00:04 UTC
    Yep, I gotta say that was a lot of fun. I even said so in my personal weblog. I have to say it is nice to meet people who are geek+perl types and local. It always helps to know more geeks. =)

    Another thing that would help people is if we could search on out user location fields. Right now the best way to do that is search with google "perlmonks writeups City" Better still is another drive to get people to hook up with MonkMaps. See also, Put yourself on the Monk Map, and More useless Monk Stats for more info!

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    honk() if $you->love(perl)

Re: Meeting People Is Easy
by Fastolfe (Vicar) on Jan 10, 2001 at 23:20 UTC
    Nobody lives within 200 miles of me. I'm so lonely.
Re: Meeting People Is Easy
by Adam (Vicar) on Jan 11, 2001 at 00:39 UTC
    I agree. I had lunch last week with wombat and Tye, which was kind of neat. I was a bit saddened, however, to discover that wombat looks more like the left side of his pic then the right. (I already knew that Tye looked nothing like his home node pic*)
(crazyinsomniac) Re: Meeting People Is Easy
by crazyinsomniac (Prior) on Jan 11, 2001 at 10:55 UTC
    Meeting people is easy.
    The unabomber is a person, and from what i've heard, he used perl to manage his hit list ;)

    Anyway, what happened to paranoia?
    I haven't so much as bought anything online, much less met in person with someone i met online, and seeing how a number of monks tote guns daily, i'm not sure i'd feel comfortable.

    Also a number of monks in my area are underage, if that makes any difference.

    Anyway, I'm not sure anyone'd want to meet someone calling himself crazyinsomniac.

    "cRaZy is co01, but sometimes cRaZy is cRaZy".
                                                          - crazyinsomniac

      I think it's good of you to bring up that meeting people can be dangerous, but I think caution is more suitable than paranoia.

      Is meeting someone you met online any more dangerous than meeting someone any other way? Many dangerous people have jobs; people you meet at work could be dangerous. Many dangerous people people live near other people. Better not say hello to your new neighbor. Or maybe you should--people who feel like outcasts are sometimes dangerous. I'd suggest not meeting anyone, but dangerous people can also be total strangers. In short, the assumption that someone you met online has more potential to be dangerous is short-sighted. You can meet dangerous people anywhere.

      This is not to say that you shouldn't use some common sense when meeting people online in not assuming that you know the person well because you've conversed with her/him online. But I'm inclined to say the same goes for any form of human contact.

      - kudra, who thinks some people are taking her advice by avoiding when she attends...

      Sorta reminds me of some old Supertramp:

      "Hide in your shell cos the world is to bleed you..."

Re: Meeting People Is Easy
by Maclir (Curate) on Jan 11, 2001 at 02:19 UTC
    A timely reminder of how easy it can be to meet the person behind the computer. I checked, and there are only two monks anywhere near my location (Sydney, Australia), repson and jepri. However, when I move to Dallas, Texas in a few months, I will have to check out the perl scene there.
        True. I was there for a month last September / October. I arrived there in the middle of their longest dry spell on record, during weeks of days with the temperature over 100 degrees - coming straight from a Sydney winter. (Ok, I know that most of you people in the north of the US wouldn't even consider Sydney as having weather that even remotely approaches a true winter, but still . . . )

        And then there is the coriolis effect - the water does swirl around in the opposite direction when you flush the toilet.

Re: Meeting People Is Easy
by ybiC (Prior) on Jan 11, 2001 at 03:26 UTC
    "you won't regret it..."

    So true, jeffa.   I met Russ last fall in KC, KS, and more recently brainpan right here in Omaha, NE.   Handful of other monks I hope to connect with this year.

    For me anyway, meeting fellow monks IRL adds a bit more to the community of the Monastery.
        striving for Perl Adept
        (it's pronounced "why-bick")

Re: Meeting People Is Easy
by royalanjr (Chaplain) on Jan 11, 2001 at 04:04 UTC
    Living smack in-between Dallas/Ft Worth and Austin puts me a fair distance away from the two usual places to find programmers. (Let's face it, Waco is NOT a hot-spot) *grin*

    Roy Alan

      (Let's face it, Waco is NOT a hot-spot)

      Well, not any longer at any rate... :)


        ok, yes, it was

        Roy Alan

      Oh come now, and you think College Station is better?

Re: Meeting People Is Easy
by john1987 (Acolyte) on Jan 29, 2001 at 02:34 UTC
    I am one of the luckey ones who goes to the same school as a already friar of perlmonks.

    One person can change the corse of history. One person can destroy the human race. That one person is out there, I intend to find him.
Re: Meeting People Is Easy
by TStanley (Canon) on Jun 11, 2001 at 20:33 UTC
    I had the opportunity to meet chipmunk recently, and although it was a short visit, he seemed to be a nice guy :-)

    There's an infinite number of monkeys outside who want to talk to us
    about this script for Hamlet they've worked out
    -- Douglas Adams/Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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