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I think it's good of you to bring up that meeting people can be dangerous, but I think caution is more suitable than paranoia.

Is meeting someone you met online any more dangerous than meeting someone any other way? Many dangerous people have jobs; people you meet at work could be dangerous. Many dangerous people people live near other people. Better not say hello to your new neighbor. Or maybe you should--people who feel like outcasts are sometimes dangerous. I'd suggest not meeting anyone, but dangerous people can also be total strangers. In short, the assumption that someone you met online has more potential to be dangerous is short-sighted. You can meet dangerous people anywhere.

This is not to say that you shouldn't use some common sense when meeting people online in not assuming that you know the person well because you've conversed with her/him online. But I'm inclined to say the same goes for any form of human contact.

- kudra, who thinks some people are taking her advice by avoiding when she attends...