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Re^2: ExtUtils::MakeMaker, APR::UUID or Perl problem?

by jk2addict (Chaplain)
on Dec 04, 2005 at 02:15 UTC ( #513887=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: ExtUtils::MakeMaker, APR::UUID or Perl problem?
in thread ExtUtils::MakeMaker, APR::UUID or Perl problem?

Negative. Using or requiring APR first (use APR; use APR::UUID;) does not fix the problem. Not using APR at all isn't a problem here, since the command line version at the end of my post works.

Second, it works as-is on every platform except for OpenBSD. I think that's the marker of something strange going on here.

In fact, just 'use APR;' in the Makefile.PL above causes the same problem.

Update: I just got a copy of the mp2.0.2 source on the server in question. the uuid tests pass fine:

test:~/mod_perl-2.0.2/t$ perl -T -Ilib apr-ext/uuid.t 1..3 # Running under perl version 5.008006 for openbsd # Current time local: Sat Dec 3 19:12:38 2005 # Current time GMT: Sat Dec 3 19:12:38 2005 # Using version 1.25 # Using Apache/ version 1.27 ok 1 ok 2 ok 3 test:~/mod_perl-2.0.2/t$

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