vote on How do you plan on spending your leap second?

Watching my life flash before my eyes.
[bar] 20/7%
Seeing how high I can count, "One, Two, th"
[bar] 10/3%
Considering all the Britney Spears songs I like.
[bar] 31/11%
Computing the answer to the universe on my new 3GHz dual-core system.
[bar] 14/5%
[bar] 92/31%
Watching the clock.
[bar] 29/10%
Catching up on my beauty sleep.
[bar] 51/17%
Stopping to smell the roses.
[bar] 23/8%
Trying to get the jump on everyone else at quick-posting an answer to PerlMonks.
[bar] 24/8%
294 total votes

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