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Re: HTML::Strip question--stripping only certain tags?

by bmann (Priest)
on Feb 01, 2006 at 23:05 UTC ( #527187=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to HTML::Strip question--stripping only certain tags?

HTML::Scrubber lets you allow only selected tags. I lifted the following from the pod (slightly modified):

#!/usr/bin/perl -w use HTML::Scrubber; use strict; my $html = q[ <style type="text/css"> BAD { background: #666; color: #666;} </style> <script language="javascript"> alert("Hello, I am EVIL!"); </script> <HR> a => <a href=1>link </a> br => <br> b => <B> bold </B> u => <U> UNDERLINE </U> ]; # only allow the following tags my $scrubber = HTML::Scrubber->new( allow => [ qw[ p b i u hr br ] ] ) +; print $scrubber->scrub($html); __END__ Output: <hr> a => link br => <br> b => <b> bold </b> u => <u> UNDERLINE </u>
style, script and links are gone.

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