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just another JAPH

by chargrill (Parson)
on Feb 06, 2006 at 09:18 UTC ( #528177=obfuscated: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Just fiddling away the night, had this to show for my efforts. Was trying to get a different effect, but ended up with:

#!/usr/bin/perl sub _{ $_[ 0]=~s*_* *g&&$_[0]}$\=",";sub __{$_[0]=~m*$/$/$/*;eval"sub +".$1.$2."{ return'".$3."'}";return\&{"$1$2"}}$/=q*(\w)*;map{$#{$_}?$#{$_}++&&__$_ +:'';$#.=&{ __$_}}qw*MIJ whu sis mut _2_ wha wan moo not teh sue her _1_ Z +EP wee err URl _0_ hah aha acc aCk Ace jar* ; pr +int _$#

Nothing special, just another JAPH (that's not recursive, is it?), and was reminded of those having long strings with no letters, etc. So here it is, and enjoy!

$/ = q#(\w)# ; sub sig { print scalar reverse join ' ', @_ } + sig map { s$\$/\$/$\$2\$1$g && $_ } split( ' ', ",erckha rlPe erthnoa stJu +" );

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