vote on Now that the Winter Games are over, I can get back to

The basics.
[bar] 25/9%
Watching my favorite Reality TV show.
[bar] 8/3%
Building my headquarters for the revolution.
[bar] 56/19%
Solving the Google puzzle.
[bar] 6/2%
Training for 2010.
[bar] 11/4%
Posting brilliant responses at the Monastery.
[bar] 19/7%
Enjoying friendly comradery in the Chatterbox.
[bar] 10/3%
Patching Everything2.
[bar] 6/2%
Deobfuscating code.
[bar] 13/4%
Dreaming up polls.
[bar] 3/1%
The Future.
[bar] 40/14%
[bar] 37/13%
Doing nothing.
[bar] 55/19%
289 total votes

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