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Re^4: No, "We" Don't Have to Do Anything

by woolfy (Chaplain)
on Mar 02, 2006 at 10:36 UTC ( #533842=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^3: No, "We" Don't Have to Do Anything
in thread No, "We" Don't Have to Do Anything

If you're not willing to spend ten minutes (in the past five years, you really couldn't spare ten minutes?) making some minimal effort to contribute, I don't consider you a part of the community.
*sigh* Where did that "ten minutes" number come from? It takes a lot longer than that just to read and absorb a single Apocalypse.

... (skip pointless rant) ...

Go ahead -- build Perl 6 however you want. Just stop trying to recruit me... I've burnt out on all the hype.

I know it has been said before by others and I just want to say it again. You are a coward.

You have a negative attitude, you use big words, and still you are being anonymous. You're probably a very good programmer, maybe even specialized in some difficult part of Perl, like (take a pick) regular expressions. But you definitely are not a community person. You are a troll and, heck, I'm even feeding you at the moment. I do recognize your style though. You have written a lot of rotten nodes which are not helpful, which are utterly discouraging and demotivating. You are the opposite of helpful. Thanks to you, the development of Perl is slower than it could be.

I know I am not a good Perl programmer. But still, I try to help. liz and me invited audreyt in our house and she came over, and I tried her to have a good time, while she and liz worked on some aspects of Pugs and Perl 6. I have seen them at work. I even helped a little bit with some sort of interview on style, comments and documentation, and audreyt said I was helpful (that made me proud). I have seen audreyt work countless hours on the development of Pugs and Perl 6. I think she is wonderful. I have seen her in chats with many other Perl heroes. People that do actually work on Perl 6, as volunteers, they are heroes. I applaud them. I am proud of knowing some of them.

You, the anonymous monk that never stops critizising, you should be ashamed of yourself. You seem to know how Perl 6 development could go better, but you're not helping. And nobody is trying to recruit you; it's the other way: people do want you to go away. I would like you to go away and stop making a mess of other people's thoughts. Because that's what you do: you make them feel miserable. Bah!

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