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Re: O'reilly some sort of perl monopoly?

by fireartist (Chaplain)
on Mar 03, 2006 at 12:45 UTC ( #534211=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to O'reilly some sort of perl monopoly?

I'll admit up-front that I don't have any strong feelings either way for O'Reilly ;)

I rarely look at anymore since they stopped funding the perl6 summaries, and they rarely have new articles. I also haven't bought an O'Reilly book in a while, partly because recent releases haven't been too relevant for me, but also because now I have a good grounding in perl, I can find out a lot of the things I don't know via the internet.

I would still recommend O'Reilly's Learning Perl and Intermediate Perl to anyone new to perl.

Even though I'm not a lover of O'Reilly, I have to reply, because I find that not a single point in your post makes sense. (strange, given that most programmers are quite good at logic ;)

First clue was is owned by O'Reilly. The domain should be public domain

Why? The perl 'homepage' is, not (I am also pleased that recent versions of perl now state the perl homepage to be, rather than, when you run `perl v`.)

they release a million books on the topic every few months it appears and trying to be the only books available for this specific language.

I happened to be looking at perl books on amazon last night, so I knew this was wrong.
According to, there were 6 O'Reilly books in the past year and 8 non-O'Reilly.
In the next 3 months, there will be 2 O'Reilly books out, and 4 non-O'Reilly.

but when is it that information is no longer information but more of a sales letter?
If it's providing information, then it's providing information and it'll help someone. So what if it appears to be advertising?
I just think they are here more for monetary gain than to assist others.

They're a company, of course they exist for monetary gain.
But note that they're not 'here', in the sense that they don't control perlmonks, they don't control perl, and you can program in perl without having anything to do with O'Reilly.

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