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Re: Buggy CPAN Module (Statistics::R)

by PodMaster (Abbot)
on Mar 03, 2006 at 13:20 UTC ( [id://534221]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Buggy CPAN Module (Statistics::R)

I have done some debugging and for me its the send method that hangs ( Statistics::R::Bridge::pipe), in particular this loop
my ($x,$xx) ; while( (!$has_quit || $this->{STOPING} == 1) && -e $file && $this- +>is_started( !$this->{STOPING} ) ) { ++$x ; ##print "sleep $file\n" ; select(undef,undef,undef,$delay) ; if ( $x == 20 ) { my (undef , $data) = $this->read_processR ; if ( $data =~ /\s$n\s+\.\.\.\s+\// ) { last ;} $x = 0 ; ++$xx ; $delay = 0.5 ; } if ( $xx > 5 ) { $status = undef ;} ## xx > 5 = x > 50 }
Its because $n/$data don't match ($n ends up being 1, but $data contains a high number, the last number written to process.log).

$n/$data are populated by read_processR, which reads process.log, which is written to by rterm.exe, as per instructions in start.r (PERLOUTPUTFILE), which is written from sub Statistics::R::Bridge::pipe::save_file_startR.

What happens is that at the beginning of send, where $n is set, read_processR reads data ending with "/", so $n defaults to 1.

mokleva was right, it is some kind of race condition. Whether its rterm that misbehaves, or start.r or Statistics::R that make an assumption ... I don't know. Thats as far as I'm willing to go, but it should be enough information for someone familiar with rterm/statistics-r to fix it.

BTW, my enviroment is perl v5.8.4 ActivePerl Build 810, R 2.2.1, WinXP Home.

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Re^2: Buggy CPAN Module (Statistics::R)
by maybeD (Sexton) on Mar 10, 2006 at 16:48 UTC
    OK, its a real clumsy fudge but it seems to stop the hanging. With this modification in place, my Perl/R script misses some tests out (probably the ones it would have hung on)--but with a properly designed Perl script you can catch which ones it missed and have another go at the end.
    (The script I am currently working on with this is a DBI script, uses a MySQL database ENUM column to record whether all of the required tests have been carried out).

    In, I changed
    if ( $x == 20 ) { my (undef , $data) = $this->read_processR ; if ( $data =~ /\s$n\s+\.\.\.\s+\// ) { last ;} $x = 0 ;
    if ( $x == 20 ) { my (undef , $data) = $this->read_processR ; last; $x = 0 ;

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