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I'v attempted to register in on January, to contribute some code. After filling some forms, I'v received attached e-mail. And now I am meditating about non-communication skills of pause and/or about basic opensource ideas and about my decreasing voluntarism...

Can anyone advice me, what I should do to pass the registration process in pause?

Request to register new user fullname: Jan Poslusny userid: PAJOUT mail: CENSORED homepage: why: I am planning to contribute the really simple module representing parsed xml document as perl object tree, supporting read access only, intended for easy reading and traversing of relatively short xml configuration files. The following links are only valid for PAUSE maintainers: Registration form with editing capabilities: +000_ec3871c061b6a902&SUBMIT_pause99_add_user_sub=1 Immediate (one click) registration: +000_ec3871c061b6a902&SUBMIT_pause99_add_user_Definitely=1

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