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Ok here is my problem I have a file that contains %s and I need those to become (Info: %s).

Here is what I have :
#!/usr/bin/perl use warnings; use strict; open READER,"<HWM.err"; open WRITER,">>final.err"; while( my $line = <READER> ) { chomp $line; #$linefinal= sprintf $line, "(Info: %s)"; (my $linefinal = $line) =~s/%s/(Info: %s)/g; #(my $linefinal = $line) =~s/\%s/(Info: \%s)/g; printf WRITER "$linefinal\n"; } close READER; close WRITER; __DATA__ 6101;CON_RST_OCC;3;3;0;0;Controller reset occured %s; Zurücksetzung de +s Controllers ist erfolgt %s 6102;DEG_UNIT;3;3;0;0;Degraded unit %s;Unit wurde runtergestuft %s
I tried to use \%s in the s statement but that didn't help either.
Can anyone help me please?

OK I updated the code