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Re^6: Perl_API get_sv and SvIV_set

by BUU (Prior)
on Apr 17, 2006 at 09:41 UTC ( #543787=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^5: Perl_API get_sv and SvIV_set
in thread Perl_API get_sv and SvIV_set

Heh. Not a bad idea if that is the only way to do it. Unfortunately I lack experience doing evil things to perl. Any idea on where I should be looking to do so? I understand perly.y has the grammar, or what there is of it, but I was a little confused how I could make it add an op.

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Re^7: Perl_API get_sv and SvIV_set
by diotalevi (Canon) on Apr 17, 2006 at 15:19 UTC

    Read nodes by me that mention B::Generate and google for Simon Cozens' article "Where wizards fear to tread."

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Re^7: Perl_API get_sv and SvIV_set
by m.att (Pilgrim) on Apr 17, 2006 at 14:38 UTC
    This node describes adding a new op to the grammar in Perl. I'm not sure if this is helpful to you but I remembered it when I read your node. Good luck.

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