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Re: Re: Job/Project Postings

by AgentM (Curate)
on Jan 26, 2001 at 04:50 UTC ( #54448=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Job/Project Postings
in thread Job/Project Postings

In that case, I would shoot for open source perl stuffs- sort of a mini-sourceforge here would be ultra cool.
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Re: Re: Re: Job/Project Postings
by Fastolfe (Vicar) on Jan 26, 2001 at 04:52 UTC
    I'm wondering if something like that might be pushing the limits with respects to the number of "code" sections. We have Craft, Code and Snippets already.

    Though I think it would be cool to have a section that would allow people to collaborate on a project or a piece of code. That would be nifty.

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