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Errors and warnings are documented in perldiag.
untie attempted while %d inner references still exist
    (W untie) A copy of the object returned from tie (or tied) was still valid when untie was called.
If you undef $opnret before you call dbmclose, that warning should go away.

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Re^2: Perl Warning On dbmclose()
by marinersk (Priest) on Apr 24, 2006 at 06:55 UTC
    I was unable to relate the explanation from perldiag to what was hapenning with dbmopen()/dbmclose(). I suppose if I understood ties and understood how dbmopen() and dbmclose() were using ties, maybe that error message could have held some meaning for me. Since I lack that knowledge, there weren't any words in perldiag that actually mapped to what I was doing in any terms I could understand. :-(

    My limited exposure to object-oriented Perl, however, did give me the opportunity to eventually arrive at the instictive sense that perhaps the assignment on dbmopen() was causing a reference to hang around when the untie() was attempted. :-)

    Unfortunately that moment of discovery came just after I posted my question. :-(

    Thank you, however, for the information. I knew I'd find the answer here. :-)

    - Steve M.